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At what month is the game gonna release? Im tired of waiting and also I have a feelking that i will have expected more from the game when its released. Just saying.

We don't have a release date confirmed yet. We've been radio silent for a while, but that doesn't mean development has stopped! We're just really focusing on internal development right now, we should have some news in a few months.

oh.ok that's fine. I'll be waiting.


I love the atmosphere this game has, and the graphics, soundtrack and voices are all really well done. I've played a dozen hours of the demo.

Combat has a lot of satisfying moments, but some things are frustrating:

  • Execution can kill enemies instantly if done from behind, or after a Dash or Tendril Yank. It's annoying that downed enemies are only vulnerable to instant kills from behind.
  • Overhead Smash often misses enemies at very close range, so it's difficult to finish off enemies with it. It doesn't feel very useful in the demo.
  • Halberdiers attack very quickly so it is difficult to interrupt them.
  • Gothic Knights: I'm playing on 16:10 and it's really easy to walk into their attacks when they're offscreen. I really hope Hellfire can stun them in the future. 

An extremely challenging game, I hope that the final product will have a campaign mode of sorts which will allow for more creative play. The survival maps become extremely difficult as the enemies are relentless, group up and most times seem to be able to break you out of assimilate, making it really difficult to get back health. 

I do see huge potential in the stealth map, it feels a lot more like what the game could be and used more of the mechanics (although I found Impale to be only partly reliable). I think a combination of stealth based gameplay with the combat coming in could be the best path, it would also be nicer if it was easier to "lose" guards instead of having to run all the way back to the start, fight one or two, and the stalk my way back just incase someone got lost. Saw a bug in the stealth level where some enemies would get trapped staring at a wall, and one ended up standing still and looking around.

I look forward to seeing more!

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Loved playing it so here's a pretty long review! It's a potentially great game with a lot of little issues in design and optimizations holding it back at the moment. TL;DR: At its current state, Necrofugitive's demo feels like it struggles to decide for itself what kind of game it wants to be - torn between a hardcore tactical beat em' up or a grimdark stealthy parasitic killer. More consistent combat/stealth rules, animations, ledge detection, hitreg. better UX and a fix to the AP costs would really help. The graphics are gorgeous and the biggest standout of this game.

Your character has a lot of resources to juggle between both Stamina and AP (I feel like calling this Blood would make more sense tbh). You need Stamina to dodge and guard for better openings for better combos which leads to regaining AP which leads to cool moments when you chain in a Special Ability.

For Special Abilities, you get: Tendril Yank (for pulling in far enemies), Tendril Lash (hitting far enemies), Dash (a half-screen wide sweep attack). Impale is a heavy hitter but more used for stealth play.

On paper, it looks like a solid combat loop. That's until you realize your abilities aren't that worth it (for now). Tendril Yank and Lash only hit the *furthest* enemies on the stage. They don't do well in a crowd and work best against a faraway enemy like an archer or melee guy running away. Dash is the best ability if you want to hit a crowd of enemies and clear room. But it seems to only register hits here and there in the sweep which means you end up vulnerable in recovery animation when those two guys out of six not caught in the sweep immediately turn around to get you.

You also need to keep in mind your AP recovery which only comes in chunks rather than a gauge filling up so you can easily get into situations where you have no get out buttons. In those cases, the dodge and guard which use stamina come into play but can fall short since their i-frames are pretty short. Archers and Polearms will tear you apart before you can dive out completely so your better choice is to guard and hope you can get some hits in without being staggered.

Combine this with combos only staggering enemies half the time (it feels sort of hit-and-miss even with shieldless enemies) and all enemy attacks able to interrupt you, the game sort of discourages you from crowd fights with more than two enemies. Staggering can also feel moot because they only last as long as it takes for you to end your Heavy attack animation which means either you dodge out of a combo and give up pressure or risk another Heavy hoping they don't attack you too quickly out of stagger.

You also can't hit downed enemies sometimes even with heavy attacks which means knockdowns should be used to let you prioritize other enemies not down yet while the initial enemies take time to get up. This happens with all your moves, you either have hit-or-miss registrations or enemies will sometimes 'glide' past your animations or inconsistently stumble outside of them leading to a missed attack and a counterattack.

Slaughter Demon is only unlocked if you kill a ton of enemies and it feels GREAT. You get to summon enemies as fodder so you don't get hit anymore + Hellfire, Clobber and Stampede are great for clearing out a wave of enemies. The only issue there is you can't Assimilate anymore so you can't recover health unless you morph back into your weaker form.

I'm assuming here that these shortfalls could be due to the lack of 'upgrades' that the full game says it has. So maybe your attacks get more worth it over time?


In stealth, I had little inconsistencies ruining the Prison run like:

  • Enemy vision cones being sort of unclear. Sometimes I got spotted at the edge of a screen even with the detection eye saying there wasn't any light to make me more spottable. The vision also sometimes seemed to 'pierce' through ground and spot me even where there weren't grates. It'd be great if there was a way to visualize the enemy vision.
  • Noise feels weird. Stalking makes everything silent but jumping sometimes alerts enemies. This means platforming out of an incoming enemy's vision isn't a great move. Better to run away - into another enemy's vision. I've had moments where landing out of a jump alerted the enemy below me.
  • Jump detection against platforms is weird as well. In the beginning of the prison, a running jump will get you on the first platform. But immediately doing another running jump has consistently made me hit the wall and not let me climb up. I notice when this happens, it's usually because my top half is higher than the wall edge so it seems like you only get the climb up when the top of your head meets the bottom of the edge, not when you meet it from the side?
  • The ledges that jut out are way harder to jump into because if your head hits the corner where the bottom of the brick meets the wall, you just bounce off of it instead of grabbing on. This doesn't happen when the ledge is just a clean sharp corner.
  • Sometimes when stealth turns to combat, some enemies will straight up break a stagger and just glide past your attack towards the alarm.
  • I notice once I alert one enemy and they didn't find me, they would for some reason get 'stuck' in either two positions where they jitter a lot over a grate or just keep walking into the edge of a far wall.

Stuff that seemed weak in combat are strong in stealth. Yank and Lash are great for last hits and enemies escaping to the alarm. Their utility feels redundant sometimes though because the enemies outside your vision can sometimes detect the fight and enter alert which seems to also send others into alert, reducing chances of stopping the alarm. The same registration issues also happen so sometimes your Yank/Lash fails even when they seem like they touch the enemy. You're also screwed if they happen to run up a few steps on stairs because it seems your attacks will completely miss hitreg outside of the torso-to-bottom-half-of-head range?

You get to instant kill enemies in stealth with Impale but it takes half your AP bar so you can do two kills with some time apart. On the prison map where enemy patrols are very overlapped, you're better off Shapeshifting after Assimilating an enemy, run off to a corner then wait for your AP bar to rise while suspicion drops to Shapeshift and find another corner to hide in again. The current loop and mechanics as a result makes stealthing a very make-or-break. You either go into full combat mode or take the long route. Alarms don't seem to reset either so problem-solving feels less possible.

Also, a small thing that makes stealth frustrating at the moment is that the stalk button (ALT or LT) clashes with using Impale (TAB + A or L2 + X). This means if you want to stealth kill, you'll need to extend three fingers on the same side on the keyboard (ALT + TAB + A) and the controller (LT + L2 + Joystick for moving to the enemy). It feels like a oversight and I had to cramp my fingers a lot to avoid accidentally running and alerting the enemy right next to me.


  • More consistent combat rules. Do light attacks stagger enemies? Do they still stagger when enemies enter an attack animation (I notice they sometimes don't stagger during this)? Do 'heavier' enemies (Polearms and Crossbows) have different rules? Do my light attacks knockback enemies and I have to adjust my movement to keep them in stagger? Do my enemies also have i-frames like me?
  • More consistent stealth rules. If I'm engaging an enemy, do they prioritize fighting back or will they straight up run past me for the alarm? I've had both happen. Can I stealth kill all characters? I found out the hard way that you can't impale Crossbowmen lol.
  • Some moves from Slaughter Demon feel like they'd have more utility in default form. A lesser form of Summon Demons would really help in stealth and combat to distract enemies. Likewise, Yank feels like it would have a place as an upgraded version in Demon form.
  • AP recovery might feel better if it was a constantly filling gauge rather than the chunk-over-time style currently. This would let you do more snappy moves in stealth and combat rather than waiting the extra second and fumbling. There might be concern of spamming Shapeshift to cheese levels but with how enemies go alert the moment they see you, I don't think there will be issues?
  • Assimilation feels super not worth it in stealth. In combat, the cost of AP in exchange for health makes sense. In stealth, I'll be Impaling after Shapeshifting then Assimilating and Shapeshifting again. Each step has an AP cost which means it's very hard to pull this off consistently unless I have the perfect amount of AP (which means having to wait outside of enemy vision doing nothing while recovering AP). Maybe in stealth, Impaling/Assimilating could award AP instead or cost nothing if you succeed?
  • A better way to visualize enemy vision and alert would be great. Maybe a slowly opening eye above an enemy? At the moment, stealth feels very do-or-die.
  • I notice bodies make enemies go for the alarm which in turn makes everyone swarm on you. It feels a bit like a break in logic. Maybe it'd be better for enemies to enter into a 'search' stage first instead of immediately homing in on me since they don't know where I am? The same 'homing' logic might also explain the strange stuck enemies who run into walls and jitter in one spot. I noticed when this happens, they're locked-on to the spot right below me but they can't see me because I'm on another platform out of their reach.
  • Better explain how stealth states work. There seems to be four: question mark, exclamation, yellow sparks and red sparks. No idea what these really indicate so far outside of ? = searching, ! = fully spotted and going for alarm.
  • An indicator that an alerted enemy is running outside of screen to an alarm like a red arrow that tells you the direction relative to you would help avoid unfair alarms when you think you've finished off the alerted enemies only to realize a random one outside your view was alerted by one of your initial enemies.
  • Some enemies currently have way too much health to match their appearances. Regular guards take LLLH+LLL to kill or LLLH+H which seem more suitable for a mid-level enemy. Crossbowmen take more than 3 or 4 combos it seems? It might be nice to have a HP meter/Stagger meter or visual feedback (gore/blood) of some kind to understand how quick these guys can go down.

Thank you so much for this insightful review! Consistency and clarity in combat and stealth rules is definitely something we want to hammer out in the future, and your points about stagger rules and AP management are especially noted.

Right now the future intent is to make the prisoner strong in small encounters but weak vs large groups to create a combat system where positioning and choosing whether to act aggressive or not is key to being successful. This means more prisoner abilities that focus on traversal and disruption as opposed to crowd control AOE abilities that are more suitable for monster gameplay; the final concept being that you spend prisoner form playing as a guerilla fighter, building up strength to transform into monster form where you can finally confront armies of enemies face-to-face. We have a bunch of ideas for future abilities to add to the game so hopefully these will address some concerns about combat. 

Stealth is still very much a work in progress. A lot of the hicupps we run into right now are from AI and level navigation in general, a goal for us moving forward is to make enemy behavior slightly more predictable in regards to how they react to certain events. Your suggestions of better stealth visualization and indicators for alarmed guards is great.

Overall a very detailed and informed review, and we greatly appreciate it! I would love if you stuck around and provided us with feedback on future iterations of our game, it would help us out tremendously. Thanks!

I'm having trouble opening the game on MacOS Catalina (v10.15.7)

I unpacked the .zip then tried opening the game, I got the generic Finder error:

"The application “NF_Demo_Mac” can’t be opened."

I'm still excited to try it. Hope there's a fix for this soon.

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Thanks for letting us know, we'll have a fix ASAP!

Edit: We tested it on a mac machine and we didn't run into any issues. The only error might be a security warning not letting you launch. Quick way around this is to right click on the file then open it


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it's kinda hard to stealth the game, you're too easily seen, when you drop down on them you need to wait for a pretty good distance which is kinda far so the target gets to the point where it turns around and sees you. The bell is kinda too close to be honest, they just see a bit and reinforcements are immediately called, you cant chase them, you can still save yourself with the tendril yank but sometimes it missed. Especially when you're fighting two. They call reinforcements and while you kill those reinforcements another guy goes to a bell and calls for more, its kinda hard to kill them all at the same time.
Also it's kinda tricky to go grab those ledges haha. You really need to distance the impale so that the enemy will be near the edge (the green part) of the impale so that the enemy will get hit. Does assimilation regen health?

Maybe I'm just terrible at the game which it most likely is but here's my "opinion" anyway

Here's someone who did it right. I'm actually surprised no one went to ring the bell

Yep, those are all things we want to tweak a bit more so stealth and alarms are less frustrating. Generally we want to get to the point where if an alarm is rung you have to make a decision between fighting your way out or running, and the decision may not be clear every time.

Ledge grabbing is being worked on and assimilate will regen an armor value in the future. Thanks for the feedback

This is a bit too terrible on my part, but could you add some kind of cheat into the demo? It's kind of a pain to me to just being move back to the main screen while in a fight and get killed by it in game.

I cant open doors for some reason, can somebody reply on how to open doors on pc?

(2 edits)

F on the keyboard should open doors. The first iron door on the left when you spawn in is locked, so you can't open it. There isn't a graphic to show this yet so it may confuse some people


Made a video

When the game opens, it  will be at a very tiny size that i cannot see. I try to expand it but the resize button doesn't Work. This make me want to cry because your game looks really cool and i wish i could play it :(

i feel sad for you.


press Alt+Enter

Deleted 1 year ago

Im on fulscreen now. But the game display is still Tiny. I don't think i'll ever be able to play the game :(((((((((


I redownloaded the game and now its working. I can finally play the game!!! :))))))))))!!!! 0k now for feed back. The game is good. I love how you are able to make the game cool beautiful with just pixels. The controls are ok but it would be good if We could change controls. But the pixel art is impressive. I've only done queenswood(Normal) but I will do Others later. But GG. I can't wait for steam version to realease. 

I like the Gameplay a lot. I couldn't interact with the doors though. I play on PC and pressing F to interact doesn't open doors.

me too

I really like the game. Difficult, but great graphics and mechanics. 

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good new version


Any chance there could be some watery things later on?

After all...shapeshifting should allow for gills...
And if You have gills....and your enemies Don't....
Well, lots of options open up...


i suggest that there should be an option to edit the controls on keyboard 



The graphics are great and I really like the game, can't wait to see it finished! Just one advice though, I wish the users can define controls themselves in the full version. I'm a Mac user and I'm very happy that there's a Mac version, but it's hard for me to press control while operating the other keys. Again, thank you for making such a brilliant work!


So far, this game has been great! Good thing I have a wireless controller to make playing this game far easier than using the keyboard! I got to say, I am really looking forward to when this game is complete and is officially released! 

I wonder though, will Ravagers be the only demon summon? Or are different kind of demons are planned for the future? Like stronger, but more "expensive demons, ranged demons, and other kinds of demonic beings! Since I'd love to make a whole demonic army! 

Thank you for your review of the game! There will be multiple types of demons available to call upon if you wish to pursue the summoner's path.

You're welcome! I just love games where I can be the "monster" to say!

Oh, "summoner's path"? So I am assuming based on just that, in the final game, there will be "skill paths" our character can do down, based on player preference/combat style? How interesting! Will there be skill points we will gain to unlock new abilities? I am guessing that will work via killing enemies, correct?

Lastly,  will there be a feature in the game to "zoom out", since I feel like I can't see as much as of Prisoner's surroundings as I would like. Making it a bit of a surprise when a enemy suddenly enters my screen, or seeing a archer arrow whizzing into my screen at Prisoner. Or maybe a feature where we can "look ahead" in a direction? Like up, down, right, or left?

Yes, exactly. We're planning to add a skill tree that allows specialization in a variety of playstyles, including one revolving around managing an army of minions. We already have a handful of different minions types we'd like to add in the future. The skill tree will use points earned through player performance during stages.

There will be a camera feature where you can look ahead in a certain direction in the future.

Oh I see! Interesting! This game has gotten me excited like how I am excited for Carrion to be released in 2 days from now!

That's nice to know, since I prefer seeing what my enemies are doing and moving too from afar... Prevents surprises as enemies enter the screen!

Some feedback from a short play session with the demo: 

  • I think the combat core system seems promising, but needs a lot of tweaking to get right. Things like the mana regen rate and rolling responsiveness especially felt a bit off to me. 
  • It very often looked like I'd hit an enemy with the whip, only to not do so. Perhaps because the enemies can move on the Y axis, but the player cannot? Maybe you should allow it to player too, could open up more gameplay possibilities of dodging attacks.
  • The indicator of transforming should only have one of the shapes filling up. As both the surrounding circle and the head were filling up, at first time I was confused and thought they were showing different information. I'd have just the circle, and then when it's ready completely light the head too, and make it glow more visibly.
  • I couldn't change any of the settings with keyboard, had to use controller to do it for some reason. Also, the color of text changing to show which option is selected is not clear enough, I'd amp this up a lot with some sort of effect or moving indicator.

Good luck with rest of the development! 

Thanks for the feedback!

A couple of responses to your notes-

The special meter is intended to fill up from dealing damage rather than waiting for it to passively regen. The mechanics of AP regen could change in the future. Could you expand on rolling responsiveness?

The hitboxes on the whip are finicky, yeah. Right now only the apex of the whip strike deals damage, and anywhere other than that either misses. We're going to change it so that the whole length of the whip deals damage, and the apex deals a critical hit.

Good point on the center hud, we'll change it. Ditto with UI feedback

thank you so much

I like it. I'm using a PS4 controller. The difficulty level seems just about right. My only issue is the emblem and status indicators at the bottom of the screen cover up the action too often. Unless I can hide them and I didn't see how.

Thank you! You can press H on the keyboard to toggle the UI when playing either level.

Made a video

I'm playing the demo. Like it so far. Can I set combat controls to keyboard too? Difficult to play on a laptop.

the game works on any gamepad as well as keyboard.


Hello everyone! Hope of you are well!

Have had a lot of fun with the game. Great animations graphics sounds. I only had a problem with the controllers a they were difficult to get around on the keyboard wished I was able to customise the controls. 

I had fun with the game! Thank you to everyone supporting indie games and trying it here.


Hey Friend. I'm glad you were able to release your combat demo; I gotta say it's some pretty impressive work. I'm also curious to see how the development cycle is going for you in the face of all this, and if there may be a DRM free version of the game available in the future (like say on GOG or here on itch) Of course I'd be happy to give this title some support when it releases, but I'd just like to be informed on what my options may be. Again, I hope you're doing well in the face of these tough times, and I've definitely got this title on my radar. I'm sure it's eventual release next year will be superb. 


Thanks for the kind words! We're chiefly aiming for a release on Steam, as well as console releases on Switch and PS4.  We want to get as many people playing this game as we can though, so no platform has been ruled out.

30 mins into the game and found 2 bugs.

1.When  using dash at a diagonal path at queenswood I went inside the ground and fell outside the map.

2. Enemies tend to be stuck at platforms.


The arrow physics seems to be off and I can't hit an enemy when using tendril yank or tendril lash since they are not vertically aligned to me.

Nice art tho.

duly noted, thanks for the feedback


Thank you to the person that reached out to me and asked me to try this game out, I like it! 

My first time playing it was a disaster lmaoooo I spawned too many enemies! I recorded it if you'd like to see the chaos.

Anyone considering playing it? I say go for it. Doesn't take long to learn how to play. It has controller support but I say the mouse and keyboard is a bit faster reaction-time wise.

i want to try it out but how long its

(1 edit) (+1)

just tried the demo and here's a quick review. I like the artstyle and animations, i like the platformer part which makes the combat more strategic (though the ennemies do not seems to be able to benefit from diffrent heights or plateforms). I think you should be able to chang edirection between to consecutive rolls. I think you should also be able to block more quickly (when i'm running they're like a frame or two wher i have to wait to block). The fact that i can only hit one ennemy at the time in front of me is something that keeps me from playing more though. In general i'd say combat fluidity is important in your game and you're not too far to be on point with that part, keep it up !

making changing direction and canceling into other animations easier is something we are addressing in a demo update, and the number of enemies when you're in prisoner form is also gonna be more forgiving. Thanks for the feedback!

Hi,  did somebody try the Mac Demo ? It seems that the file is corrupted ... Chrome warned me that the file is not a common type which is not the case when I download the Windows version.  


i found a bug:

i have been the combat demo for like 8 hours now and i only installed it like 4 days ago, it's amazing. but i found some bugs and also have some feedback. 

Bug 1: when u turn the sound in the game on and off  u will hear this "ssgggggggrrrhhhh" sound in your headphones if u lisen carefully. it's pretty bad and i like to lisen to music when i play games and then i just trun the game sound off but when i do it with necro i just keep hearing the "ssskkkkkrrrrrgggggggghh" sound (it's not about my headphones on my pc i have tried it on different pc's and my friend who has also been playing it has it too).

Bug 2: when u are the beast guy (this is in the forrest map with the stone playforms. u can fall down off the screen like when ur standing agains the walls of the map (the dirt clifs) u can go through that fall and then u fall down of the screen. also the soldiers still try to go after u and ur not "dead" so then u just have to restart the game.

Tips: maybe have so that u can remap ur keys n stuff and change controlls. make the combat more responsive, when im playign the combat does really feel that responsive. maybe make it so u can cancel ur animations or something. 

for the rest part i really liked the combat demo im definitely gonna buy the game when it comes out. :)

(sorry for the bad english i hope it u can read it)

gotcha, thanks for the feedback!



Very nice combat build! Blocking and sucking was smooth digging was easy can't wait for the game to come out. Also LOVE THE STORY ON GAME PAGE

(1 edit) (+2)

cool, great playthrough! (I also love the video thumbnail, haha)

Mac build?


Mac build should come in the next day or so



caused an annoying bug and now I can't get it off my compute


Love the combat, very entertaining. One thing is the UI in the center tends to block a lot of the fighting. Maybe moving it somewhere else will allow people to appreciate the animations even more. Again, great job

Thanks! Polishing up the UI in general is on the todo list!

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good game


glad you liked it!

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yes...hope have mode story


Made a video


awesome! glad you guys had fun!

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