A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are a shapeshifter on the run from the realm's justice. Merciless bounty hunters and scores of bannermen are out for your blood. Can you morph, smash, and claw your way to freedom?

Playing with a gamepad is strongly recommended!

The Cult of Skoroz is dead, massacred in a witchunting frenzy. A lone survivor, a nameless cultist simply known as the Prisoner, is trundled off in shackles, thrown into an inquisitorial dungeon and forgotten. However, cursed with mysterious shapeshifting powers, the Prisoner shatters his chains and murders his captors, escaping his imprisonment. The whole realm is summarily thrown into turmoil as a giant manhunt is organized to bring this shapeshifting monster from Hell to justice. Can you survive the onslaught of mercenaries and bounty hunters sent to collect your head?

Necrofugitive takes place in a world inspired by the Late Middle Ages, complete with its fascination of wicked demons and monstrous creatures, as well as the heroic and foolhardy knights sent to destroy them. Necrofugitive places you in the unique perspective of a frightening creature that is elevated to a leviathanic reputation as whole armies are levied to take you down!

Necrofugitive is a 2D action game that focuses on replicating the feeling of being hunted and on the run.  Gameplay focuses on tough fight-or-flight decisions in a tense and fast gameplay experience - enemies are numerous and completely ruthless, will search the level for you and will relentlessly chase you down if you are sighted. However, with the deck stacked against you, the Prisoner possess frightening abilities to help him fight back - the most powerful ability in your shapeshifting arsenal is the ability to morph into the mighty Slaughter Demon, a hellish creature of terrible strength capable of destroying entire armies!

  • Intense and fast paced combat based on the rule of "fight or flight"
  • Dozens of upgradeable shapeshifting abilities and powers
  • Unique and Intelligent AI enemies
  • Hand crafted pixel art and detailed animations
  • Atmospheric Late Medieval setting and background art with advanced lighting systems
  • Opportunity to play the villain as both a cunning shapeshifter and a rampaging demon!

This demo is an early prototype meant to  showcase and receive feedback on gameplay concepts. This demo is not representative of the final game.

This game is a work in progress! We would love feedback and bug reporting either through email (team@blackgarden.games) or chat to us directly on Discord!

More news on development here:



Edwin Montgomery is designing our music and SFX, please check him out!

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NF_StealthDemo_Mac.app.zip 52 MB

Development log


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it's kinda hard to stealth the game, you're too easily seen, when you drop down on them you need to wait for a pretty good distance which is kinda far so the target gets to the point where it turns around and sees you. The bell is kinda too close to be honest, they just see a bit and reinforcements are immediately called, you cant chase them, you can still save yourself with the tendril yank but sometimes it missed. Especially when you're fighting two. They call reinforcements and while you kill those reinforcements another guy goes to a bell and calls for more, its kinda hard to kill them all at the same time.
Also it's kinda tricky to go grab those ledges haha. You really need to distance the impale so that the enemy will be near the edge (the green part) of the impale so that the enemy will get hit. Does assimilation regen health?

Maybe I'm just terrible at the game which it most likely is but here's my "opinion" anyway

Here's someone who did it right. I'm actually surprised no one went to ring the bell

Yep, those are all things we want to tweak a bit more so stealth and alarms are less frustrating. Generally we want to get to the point where if an alarm is rung you have to make a decision between fighting your way out or running, and the decision may not be clear every time.

Ledge grabbing is being worked on and assimilate will regen an armor value in the future. Thanks for the feedback

This is a bit too terrible on my part, but could you add some kind of cheat into the demo? It's kind of a pain to me to just being move back to the main screen while in a fight and get killed by it in game.

I cant open doors for some reason, can somebody reply on how to open doors on pc?

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F on the keyboard should open doors. The first iron door on the left when you spawn in is locked, so you can't open it. There isn't a graphic to show this yet so it may confuse some people


Made a video

When the game opens, it  will be at a very tiny size that i cannot see. I try to expand it but the resize button doesn't Work. This make me want to cry because your game looks really cool and i wish i could play it :(

i feel sad for you.


press Alt+Enter

Deleted 8 days ago

Im on fulscreen now. But the game display is still Tiny. I don't think i'll ever be able to play the game :(((((((((


I redownloaded the game and now its working. I can finally play the game!!! :))))))))))!!!! 0k now for feed back. The game is good. I love how you are able to make the game cool beautiful with just pixels. The controls are ok but it would be good if We could change controls. But the pixel art is impressive. I've only done queenswood(Normal) but I will do Others later. But GG. I can't wait for steam version to realease. 

I like the Gameplay a lot. I couldn't interact with the doors though. I play on PC and pressing F to interact doesn't open doors.

me too

I really like the game. Difficult, but great graphics and mechanics. 

good new version


Any chance there could be some watery things later on?

After all...shapeshifting should allow for gills...
And if You have gills....and your enemies Don't....
Well, lots of options open up...


i suggest that there should be an option to edit the controls on keyboard 



The graphics are great and I really like the game, can't wait to see it finished! Just one advice though, I wish the users can define controls themselves in the full version. I'm a Mac user and I'm very happy that there's a Mac version, but it's hard for me to press control while operating the other keys. Again, thank you for making such a brilliant work!


So far, this game has been great! Good thing I have a wireless controller to make playing this game far easier than using the keyboard! I got to say, I am really looking forward to when this game is complete and is officially released! 

I wonder though, will Ravagers be the only demon summon? Or are different kind of demons are planned for the future? Like stronger, but more "expensive demons, ranged demons, and other kinds of demonic beings! Since I'd love to make a whole demonic army! 

Thank you for your review of the game! There will be multiple types of demons available to call upon if you wish to pursue the summoner's path.

You're welcome! I just love games where I can be the "monster" to say!

Oh, "summoner's path"? So I am assuming based on just that, in the final game, there will be "skill paths" our character can do down, based on player preference/combat style? How interesting! Will there be skill points we will gain to unlock new abilities? I am guessing that will work via killing enemies, correct?

Lastly,  will there be a feature in the game to "zoom out", since I feel like I can't see as much as of Prisoner's surroundings as I would like. Making it a bit of a surprise when a enemy suddenly enters my screen, or seeing a archer arrow whizzing into my screen at Prisoner. Or maybe a feature where we can "look ahead" in a direction? Like up, down, right, or left?

Yes, exactly. We're planning to add a skill tree that allows specialization in a variety of playstyles, including one revolving around managing an army of minions. We already have a handful of different minions types we'd like to add in the future. The skill tree will use points earned through player performance during stages.

There will be a camera feature where you can look ahead in a certain direction in the future.

Oh I see! Interesting! This game has gotten me excited like how I am excited for Carrion to be released in 2 days from now!

That's nice to know, since I prefer seeing what my enemies are doing and moving too from afar... Prevents surprises as enemies enter the screen!

Some feedback from a short play session with the demo: 

  • I think the combat core system seems promising, but needs a lot of tweaking to get right. Things like the mana regen rate and rolling responsiveness especially felt a bit off to me. 
  • It very often looked like I'd hit an enemy with the whip, only to not do so. Perhaps because the enemies can move on the Y axis, but the player cannot? Maybe you should allow it to player too, could open up more gameplay possibilities of dodging attacks.
  • The indicator of transforming should only have one of the shapes filling up. As both the surrounding circle and the head were filling up, at first time I was confused and thought they were showing different information. I'd have just the circle, and then when it's ready completely light the head too, and make it glow more visibly.
  • I couldn't change any of the settings with keyboard, had to use controller to do it for some reason. Also, the color of text changing to show which option is selected is not clear enough, I'd amp this up a lot with some sort of effect or moving indicator.

Good luck with rest of the development! 

Thanks for the feedback!

A couple of responses to your notes-

The special meter is intended to fill up from dealing damage rather than waiting for it to passively regen. The mechanics of AP regen could change in the future. Could you expand on rolling responsiveness?

The hitboxes on the whip are finicky, yeah. Right now only the apex of the whip strike deals damage, and anywhere other than that either misses. We're going to change it so that the whole length of the whip deals damage, and the apex deals a critical hit.

Good point on the center hud, we'll change it. Ditto with UI feedback

thank you so much

I like it. I'm using a PS4 controller. The difficulty level seems just about right. My only issue is the emblem and status indicators at the bottom of the screen cover up the action too often. Unless I can hide them and I didn't see how.

Thank you! You can press H on the keyboard to toggle the UI when playing either level.

Made a video

I'm playing the demo. Like it so far. Can I set combat controls to keyboard too? Difficult to play on a laptop.

the game works on any gamepad as well as keyboard.


Hello everyone! Hope of you are well!

Have had a lot of fun with the game. Great animations graphics sounds. I only had a problem with the controllers a they were difficult to get around on the keyboard wished I was able to customise the controls. 

I had fun with the game! Thank you to everyone supporting indie games and trying it here.


Hey Friend. I'm glad you were able to release your combat demo; I gotta say it's some pretty impressive work. I'm also curious to see how the development cycle is going for you in the face of all this, and if there may be a DRM free version of the game available in the future (like say on GOG or here on itch) Of course I'd be happy to give this title some support when it releases, but I'd just like to be informed on what my options may be. Again, I hope you're doing well in the face of these tough times, and I've definitely got this title on my radar. I'm sure it's eventual release next year will be superb. 


Thanks for the kind words! We're chiefly aiming for a release on Steam, as well as console releases on Switch and PS4.  We want to get as many people playing this game as we can though, so no platform has been ruled out.

30 mins into the game and found 2 bugs.

1.When  using dash at a diagonal path at queenswood I went inside the ground and fell outside the map.

2. Enemies tend to be stuck at platforms.


The arrow physics seems to be off and I can't hit an enemy when using tendril yank or tendril lash since they are not vertically aligned to me.

Nice art tho.

duly noted, thanks for the feedback


Thank you to the person that reached out to me and asked me to try this game out, I like it! 

My first time playing it was a disaster lmaoooo I spawned too many enemies! I recorded it if you'd like to see the chaos.

Anyone considering playing it? I say go for it. Doesn't take long to learn how to play. It has controller support but I say the mouse and keyboard is a bit faster reaction-time wise.

i want to try it out but how long its

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just tried the demo and here's a quick review. I like the artstyle and animations, i like the platformer part which makes the combat more strategic (though the ennemies do not seems to be able to benefit from diffrent heights or plateforms). I think you should be able to chang edirection between to consecutive rolls. I think you should also be able to block more quickly (when i'm running they're like a frame or two wher i have to wait to block). The fact that i can only hit one ennemy at the time in front of me is something that keeps me from playing more though. In general i'd say combat fluidity is important in your game and you're not too far to be on point with that part, keep it up !

making changing direction and canceling into other animations easier is something we are addressing in a demo update, and the number of enemies when you're in prisoner form is also gonna be more forgiving. Thanks for the feedback!

Hi,  did somebody try the Mac Demo ? It seems that the file is corrupted ... Chrome warned me that the file is not a common type which is not the case when I download the Windows version.  


i found a bug:

i have been the combat demo for like 8 hours now and i only installed it like 4 days ago, it's amazing. but i found some bugs and also have some feedback. 

Bug 1: when u turn the sound in the game on and off  u will hear this "ssgggggggrrrhhhh" sound in your headphones if u lisen carefully. it's pretty bad and i like to lisen to music when i play games and then i just trun the game sound off but when i do it with necro i just keep hearing the "ssskkkkkrrrrrgggggggghh" sound (it's not about my headphones on my pc i have tried it on different pc's and my friend who has also been playing it has it too).

Bug 2: when u are the beast guy (this is in the forrest map with the stone playforms. u can fall down off the screen like when ur standing agains the walls of the map (the dirt clifs) u can go through that fall and then u fall down of the screen. also the soldiers still try to go after u and ur not "dead" so then u just have to restart the game.

Tips: maybe have so that u can remap ur keys n stuff and change controlls. make the combat more responsive, when im playign the combat does really feel that responsive. maybe make it so u can cancel ur animations or something. 

for the rest part i really liked the combat demo im definitely gonna buy the game when it comes out. :)

(sorry for the bad english i hope it u can read it)

gotcha, thanks for the feedback!



Very nice combat build! Blocking and sucking was smooth digging was easy can't wait for the game to come out. Also LOVE THE STORY ON GAME PAGE

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cool, great playthrough! (I also love the video thumbnail, haha)

Mac build?


Mac build should come in the next day or so



caused an annoying bug and now I can't get it off my compute


Love the combat, very entertaining. One thing is the UI in the center tends to block a lot of the fighting. Maybe moving it somewhere else will allow people to appreciate the animations even more. Again, great job

Thanks! Polishing up the UI in general is on the todo list!


good game


glad you liked it!

yes...hope have mode story


Made a video


awesome! glad you guys had fun!